Beachfront Vacation Home for Beach Vacations in Coastal Town of Arcachon

When you are in Arcachon, you can’t prevent yourself from jumping into the clear and friendly water of Atlantic Ocean. This place is known as a popular bathing destination on Atlantic because the ocean is clear and calm here… [ continue ]


Ideal Accommodation in Arcachon is A Home Turned Into A Hotel

When you are in Arcachon, the best thing you can do is rest and relaxation. This small and secluded town has nothing to offer other than peace and tranquility. It is on the coast of Atlantic and it is called the best bathing location on Atlantic.

Situated 55 kilometers from southwest of Bordeaux, this town is just perfect for wet vacations. It is a fine beach with plenty of silky sand to enjoy beach activities. Clear and calm Atlantic Ocean invites the vacationers to enjoy water activities. Here you can enjoy tourism and also take in emblematic views of nature.


There is no dearth of accommodations in this town. Here you would find camp sites to stay close to nature, self-catering that are comfortable and guest houses where you would be treated like personal guests. But the best hotel bassin d’Arcachon is a home-away-from-home.

Stay where you get homely feel and where you stay like a homeowner. Enjoy your vacations like a local and stay close to settlements and markets. In the home, you would get everything from meal to bed and also the home staff would assist you in accessing attractions. What is more amazing is that you can choose the home that can accommodate all your vacation needs.

Your hotel bassin d’Arcachon would be a historic 19th century home renovated for vacationers. 19th century Arcachon homes are so renovated that they retain their old world charm. They look hotels from outside but from inside they are homes.

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